HALOS Website

July 3, 2011 at 9:45 am (Uncategorized)

Instead of the usual Sunday post, I’m finally gonna share the website.  Yahoo!!  Check it out.

Go here:   www.kerilake.com

And don’t be shy, leave a comment 🙂

Thanks for stopping by…



  1. jabelfield said,

    Okay, so your blog shows up on your website, now. Is that going to be the future home for your blog posts? Because I’m signed up to this one. Will I need to do anything to still receive notifications?

    The site looks awesome, btw 🙂

    • Keri Lake said,

      Will be rerouting to the site in the future, but just thought I’d send ya from here since this is where I’d be posting my usual Sunday rant. I believe all subscribers to my blog will still be notified when there’s a new post (good question… Will double check that).
      Thanks so much for tweeting and for checking out the site 🙂 Was sweating bullets! Much appreciated!

  2. Raelyn Barclay said,

    Love the site though you may find some people won’t appreciate the pledge thing that first comes up. The series sounds awesome. Can’t wait for Book One!

    • Keri Lake said,

      Thanks Raelyn! Visitors don’t actually have to supply an email address. There is a decline button (though not as obvious, hehe). Thank you for checking out the site 🙂 much appreciated!

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